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Prenuptial Retreats


About OM's Retreats

Prenuptial Retreats offer couples with a unique opportunity to focus on important topics that will provide a solid foundation for their marriage.  Rarely do two people share the same exact philosophy on finances, parenting, caring for loved ones in older age, and how to plan for death or if a relationship does not work out. Within the safe and nurturing environment of a prenuptial retreat, trained mediators help couples tackle important topics so they can enter into their marriage with peace of mind and clarity in the relationship.

Over the course of two days, clients are provided with the space, calm, and expert guidance to negotiate the terms of a prenuptial agreement.

Who Can Benefit

Prenuptial Retreats are most suitable for engaged couples seeking to talk through important topics and negotiate the terms of a prenuptial agreement in a relaxing and nurturing environment.  The process is collaborative and focused on relationship building.

Private & Exclusive Properties

OM offers Prenuptial Retreats twice monthly at exclusive hotel and spa properties across New York, including a boutique hotel in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood and a seaside resort on the North Fork of Long Island.  In addition to our New York network of properties, custom retreats can be arranged throughout the United States, or internationally, upon request.

What to Expect

OM curates an experience that is comfortable, uninterrupted, and collaborative.  Couples should expect their weekend to be focused, with down time for meals and personal rejuvenation.

Expert Guidance

OM's trained mediators facilitate sessions so clients can best negotiate their Prenuptial Agreement, understand the law to make informed decisions, and have access to subject matter experts (such as financial advisors) for advice.  When a draft agreement is ready for review, or at any point during the process, each person may consult with their own mediation friendly attorney for individualized counsel.

Getting Started

To learn more about Prenuptial Retreats, and find out if it is right for your situation, please reach out via our online form, or call us directly at 212-710-9395.  A member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Once a retreat is booked, our mediators set up a preliminary meeting (or video conference) with both participants to review the logistical aspects of the weekend, and explain what to prepare for a productive experience.