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Orchard Mediation

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Orchard Mediation, Inc. (OM) is a dispute resolution practice committed to helping families address conflict and find resolution, without resorting to an expensive court battle. Our seasoned mediators create a productive and efficient environment for difficult conversations to take place, understanding to flourish, and resolutions to manifest.  

Whether you are facing a separation or divorce, seeking a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, or looking to develop a parenting plan, OM is here to help you communicate, strategize, and make concrete plans as you move forward.

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To find out how mediation works, and explore if it may be right for your situation, please reach out and request a consultation.  We offer convenient mediation locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

OM is committed to making conflict resolution services available to everyone and proudly offers a sliding scale fee structure.  Please reach out to learn more.


Divorce - Separation - Parenting - Prenuptial - Postnuptial - marital

Mediation is an effective way to resolve disagreements between parties and avoid litigation (a court battle) or protracted tension. Simply put, it is a meeting conducted by an independent, trained dispute resolution professional who does not take sides or make decisions, but rather expertly assists the parties in reaching their own agreeable solutions.


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